vrijdag 23 maart 2012


Yes, yes, yes! As you can read in my profile I'm from a small country in Europe called the Netherlands and thursday March 22nd was the official premiere of Vogue Nederland!!! Sadly I wasn't able to cop the exclusive collector's edition, because of school ._____. but luckily I was able to cop the non-collectors item, which also went out fast. They where all sold out in 3 days to be exact, so this was no joke! I absolutely adore the cover, which obviously is heavily inspired by the current season. The cover reads "nummer één in Nederland" which means "number one in the Netherlands"

The simple white background, the elements of hotpink, skyblue and brightyellow combined, the use of unknown models (who btw look fierce!) show that less is more. Simple, but dead on haute couture. The colours also remind me of upcoming Easter, which I'm looking forward too. I'm glad they didn't went with what everybody expected: someone like Doutzen Kroes or Lara Stone on the cover. That would've been to predictable. All in all I can just say I'm thrilled the Netherlands is the 19th country joining the Vogue family and I'm looking forward to future issues.

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