zaterdag 15 september 2012

Vogue NL: Amsterdam Fashion's Night Out 2012

It's been a while since I blogged, because I've been so incredibly busy and I still actually am. ALLOT has happened, seen and been through many many awesome experiences. I've been to Watch The Throne in Antwerp in Belgium, Odd Future in Paradiso Amsterdam and two days ago to the first official FNO in the Netherlands organised by Vogue NL. And that's what's this post about. Below a little peek of our personal experience:

We waited about an hour to snap a "Vogue cover" with two of the most brilliant fashion duo of the haute couture industry, I personally love love looove their work!
(please ignore the hole in my pantyhose)

my homies Nish and Ilias<3

more pics and details about goodies and my outfit that day will soon follow!

zaterdag 24 maart 2012

A breath of fresh air..

I love the blue, blue skies which Spring has brought us. That also meant a ofcourse a fitting outfit to start this season with. I don't know if I have said this like a 1000 times or just a couple of time, but I - looove - Jane Norman! I was working and a friend of mine came up to me to congratulate me for my birthday. When we were talking I showed her al the items I specifically wanted from the new Jane Norman collection. On of the shirts I told her about caught her eye and it also happened to be the only one on sale! If it wasn't for her, I probably wouldn't even notice and I work there *disgrace, disgrace* I'm dead on crazy about J. Norman's signature gold buttons, which to me are like the cherry on top. The other shirt I want is the exact same one, but then in original panter print. I copped this shirt the next day and wore it with matching skinny's and threw on a simple necklace.
Leopard shirt grey: Jane Norman

Necklace: H&M

Funky Foxy Legging/Mint: Pieces

vrijdag 23 maart 2012


Yes, yes, yes! As you can read in my profile I'm from a small country in Europe called the Netherlands and thursday March 22nd was the official premiere of Vogue Nederland!!! Sadly I wasn't able to cop the exclusive collector's edition, because of school ._____. but luckily I was able to cop the non-collectors item, which also went out fast. They where all sold out in 3 days to be exact, so this was no joke! I absolutely adore the cover, which obviously is heavily inspired by the current season. The cover reads "nummer één in Nederland" which means "number one in the Netherlands"

The simple white background, the elements of hotpink, skyblue and brightyellow combined, the use of unknown models (who btw look fierce!) show that less is more. Simple, but dead on haute couture. The colours also remind me of upcoming Easter, which I'm looking forward too. I'm glad they didn't went with what everybody expected: someone like Doutzen Kroes or Lara Stone on the cover. That would've been to predictable. All in all I can just say I'm thrilled the Netherlands is the 19th country joining the Vogue family and I'm looking forward to future issues.

donderdag 22 maart 2012

The Legend of Korra

So I've been a diehard Avatar: The Last Airbender-fan since the first time this brilliant animatited series aired on Nickelodeon. I was like 12 and now I'm 18 =( how the time flies.. There was even a time that I convinced my older cousin to watch the Avatar weekendmarathon from beginning till end with me. Since we hadn't had a tv in our room we decided to sleep downstairs (loyal haha) We watched all episodes straight from 7 AM till 8 PM 2 days in a row worthitIregretnothing. And just the 3 part finale of book Fire alone was probably the most epic visuals my eyes had the pleasure of enjoying in their 18 year tv-watching carriere. That aside the pondering question which always has and still bothers me (and Zuko and everyone else) is what the hell happened to his mom????!!! Because of the success of the previous series the co-creators Michael Dante DiMartino and
Bryan Konietzko decided to make a spin-off about a new Avatar (bless their souls). This time the Avatar is a 17 year old watertribe girl (woehoe!) called Korra

who already masterd the elements of Fire and Earth as a todler O.O To make sure these series wont look to much like the previous one, which is set 70 years after the adventures of Aang, the setting has a modernday steampunk like theme and the story will focus on Korra learning to master the element of Air. As I have been patiently waiting for 2 - years last week the official premiere date was finally released on the Legend of Korra facebook: April 14, 2012. Sooner than expected, because before it was slated to air Summer 2012. Anyways a couple of days ago I found out the first episode leaked like 3 months ago! I immediatly looked it up and I can say the first episode was pretty good. There is only one thing that bothers me and that is the fact that the steampunk theme looks a little too modern for my taste after only 70 years. Camera's, cars, media etc. Another thing I also love about Avatar is how you can lose yourself in another existence of reality and this modern theme is so gonna remind me of the reality I'm living in while I'm watching =|

Since I'm from the Netherlands and would have to wait till the end of this year to finally see the series in dutch, I figured I could watch it anyway. If I waited till April 14th I'd still had to download it so^^ Anyways who knows my pondering question finally will be answered this time.

Episode links

first episode:
Second episode:

dinsdag 20 maart 2012

A death and a birth

Last wednesday march 14th was the day I turned 18. I always had mixed feelings about this other new "world". One half didn't mind, because as an adult you can make decisions for yourself, get your own place, live by your own rules etc.. but the other half, the other half of me wanted to stay 17 forever because than I'd still be a minor and wouldn't have all these important responsabilities. Just to be able to cope with it al I promised myself that I decide when my childhood is over, because I'm still a big kid at heart. I even drew the number 18 in a desperate attempt to make the transsition easier (drawing on the right). There is this philosopher called Foucault. He saw life as a work of art. You decide, not the general opinion, how to fill in your life. He also said that people, because of this "general opinion" are afraid to be different or to stand out. For me being different in a way defines who I am. It's my legacy from "before 18". I guess I'm just reminding myself (and others) that you shouldn't have to change all of a sudden and that you shouldn't be afraid to be yourself. I decide what pad my life shall follow. I and I alone.

woensdag 7 maart 2012

Inspired by..

This outfit is very much inspired by the season fall, even though it's already winter. I'm really a matchy matchy kinda person, but I don't want it to look like I thought about it for to long. I also love using colors you don't see allot, but it's also very important that I geniunly like it myself.

Earrings: H&M
I think we already know why these babies are awesome. I mean gold squared and silver triangled stud earrings? In my opinion studs are the shit, no discussion there really.

Necklace: H&M (And yes I am a H&M addict, because their products are just so damn good =P) Well as you can see the necklace litteraly contains leaves with brown feathers. (Thanks to my crappy picture quality the leaves look silver but they are actually gold) This the most fall themed item I ever bought haha.

Palepink bracelet (right wrist): V&D



Softpink pearlbracelet (left wrist):

Funky Foxy legging/Nude: Pieces

Haha STARTRAK, loyal N*E*R*D fan here so couldn't resist

zondag 4 maart 2012

Sunday chique

This is one of my favorite outfits. It's chique, it's fun, it's classy, cool, you name it! The top is from the clothingstore were I work; Jane Norman. I love blouses with these sort of fabrics; sheer and soft. I also was drawn to it because of the color (coralpink) and the gold buttons. I love the color gold as an added detail.
Just playing around with state of the arts special ffects lol

The skirt I'm wearing is the black one size Big Pocket Skirt from the spanish brand Kling. When it comes to skirts and dresses I'm very critical. I don't just buy any skirt, but when I saw this one I knew I wanted to have it. I think the high waist element and the ruffles that transcends to the big pockets give it a sofisticated, but playful look.
Here is a clearer picture of the original model wearing it.