donderdag 22 maart 2012

The Legend of Korra

So I've been a diehard Avatar: The Last Airbender-fan since the first time this brilliant animatited series aired on Nickelodeon. I was like 12 and now I'm 18 =( how the time flies.. There was even a time that I convinced my older cousin to watch the Avatar weekendmarathon from beginning till end with me. Since we hadn't had a tv in our room we decided to sleep downstairs (loyal haha) We watched all episodes straight from 7 AM till 8 PM 2 days in a row worthitIregretnothing. And just the 3 part finale of book Fire alone was probably the most epic visuals my eyes had the pleasure of enjoying in their 18 year tv-watching carriere. That aside the pondering question which always has and still bothers me (and Zuko and everyone else) is what the hell happened to his mom????!!! Because of the success of the previous series the co-creators Michael Dante DiMartino and
Bryan Konietzko decided to make a spin-off about a new Avatar (bless their souls). This time the Avatar is a 17 year old watertribe girl (woehoe!) called Korra

who already masterd the elements of Fire and Earth as a todler O.O To make sure these series wont look to much like the previous one, which is set 70 years after the adventures of Aang, the setting has a modernday steampunk like theme and the story will focus on Korra learning to master the element of Air. As I have been patiently waiting for 2 - years last week the official premiere date was finally released on the Legend of Korra facebook: April 14, 2012. Sooner than expected, because before it was slated to air Summer 2012. Anyways a couple of days ago I found out the first episode leaked like 3 months ago! I immediatly looked it up and I can say the first episode was pretty good. There is only one thing that bothers me and that is the fact that the steampunk theme looks a little too modern for my taste after only 70 years. Camera's, cars, media etc. Another thing I also love about Avatar is how you can lose yourself in another existence of reality and this modern theme is so gonna remind me of the reality I'm living in while I'm watching =|

Since I'm from the Netherlands and would have to wait till the end of this year to finally see the series in dutch, I figured I could watch it anyway. If I waited till April 14th I'd still had to download it so^^ Anyways who knows my pondering question finally will be answered this time.

Episode links

first episode:
Second episode:

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