dinsdag 20 maart 2012

A death and a birth

Last wednesday march 14th was the day I turned 18. I always had mixed feelings about this other new "world". One half didn't mind, because as an adult you can make decisions for yourself, get your own place, live by your own rules etc.. but the other half, the other half of me wanted to stay 17 forever because than I'd still be a minor and wouldn't have all these important responsabilities. Just to be able to cope with it al I promised myself that I decide when my childhood is over, because I'm still a big kid at heart. I even drew the number 18 in a desperate attempt to make the transsition easier (drawing on the right). There is this philosopher called Foucault. He saw life as a work of art. You decide, not the general opinion, how to fill in your life. He also said that people, because of this "general opinion" are afraid to be different or to stand out. For me being different in a way defines who I am. It's my legacy from "before 18". I guess I'm just reminding myself (and others) that you shouldn't have to change all of a sudden and that you shouldn't be afraid to be yourself. I decide what pad my life shall follow. I and I alone.

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