woensdag 7 maart 2012

Inspired by..

This outfit is very much inspired by the season fall, even though it's already winter. I'm really a matchy matchy kinda person, but I don't want it to look like I thought about it for to long. I also love using colors you don't see allot, but it's also very important that I geniunly like it myself.

Earrings: H&M
I think we already know why these babies are awesome. I mean gold squared and silver triangled stud earrings? In my opinion studs are the shit, no discussion there really.

Necklace: H&M (And yes I am a H&M addict, because their products are just so damn good =P) Well as you can see the necklace litteraly contains leaves with brown feathers. (Thanks to my crappy picture quality the leaves look silver but they are actually gold) This the most fall themed item I ever bought haha.

Palepink bracelet (right wrist): V&D



Softpink pearlbracelet (left wrist):

Funky Foxy legging/Nude: Pieces

Haha STARTRAK, loyal N*E*R*D fan here so couldn't resist

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