vrijdag 2 maart 2012


I'm a firstyear student at this school called Avans Hogeschool Den Bosch where I study Social Studies. Since I live in Eindhoven I have to travel by train everyday. Sadly only we (Social Studies and Juridisch) started the new year with moving to a different location in Den Bosch Oost because the previous one was apparently to crowded. This literally doubled the traveltime (yaaay.. me) It's only 40 minutes, but still =|. When I first thought about the idea of traveling by train everyday I thought I wouldn't like it, but eventually you get used to it. This was me being bored making a pic of my then still brandnew vans ca zapato del barco's which cost me about €80,-.
The reason I had to cop these was because of the boatshoe model which gives it a classic feel. And might I say: I - LOVE - CLASSIC. When I arrived in Eindhoven I went by Accessorize real quick to cop these babies.
As you can reed in my bio I looove rose earrings, especially in this shade of pink. I also love these earrings because they're vintage inspired (retro) and the fact that roses are just my one of my favorite flowers haha

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