donderdag 15 september 2011

The vintage, the heritage and the wardrobe.

I've always been known to have a more different kind of sense of fashion than my peers. Even though my family sometimes thinks I'm weird in choice of clothing or music, I can't help but like it cause I don't wanna be normal. Normal is boring. I like to dig deeper and discover new things. My mind always lets me go on the search for the next awesome item. Even though I hate the cold conditions of autumn and winter, these two seasons have to be my absolute favorite when it comes to one of my most important routines of the day: choice - of - clothing. These seasons inspire me so much to find the right fitting apparel trough their themes and elements of color. So I decided as of today I'm going to introduce you all to the enchanted land inside my wardrobe. Today's theme: Green.
Beanie: dutch warehouse V&D

Green blazer

Sweater: H&M, Price: €20

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